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Humanis server guy that you will never regret.

Hi, I'm Sumarsono. I'm a System Administrator. If you need a hand to set up your server, you can drop a message to me. I'm capable to set up various linux server for Web server, mail server, proxy server, docker, kubernetes cluster. Of course using well-known software like Nginx for web server, Apache HTTPD for web server, HAProxy proxy reverse proxy, kubeadm or K3S to set up bare metal kubernetes cluster.

Or you need to set up CI/CD pipeline for your development team? I'll help you to achieve DevOps culture for your team.

Or if you need fulltime DevOps or Sysadmin, don't hesitate to drop offering letter to me.


I've been work for PT. Visione System for a year then I move to PT. Mindo Solutions and after 2 years I move to SoftwareSeni Indonesia as DevOps Engineer. Here are some projects I've worked on:

  • Baremetal Kubernetes Cluster
    I collaborate with friend of mine from France to set up, manage, and maintain baremetal kubernetes cluster for development and production. We use Metallb as load balancer, traefik as k8s ingress, and more part for k8s cluster.
  • Yoowink Digital App
    A digital platform for yoowink team and sales team. This app was built on top of Laravel, VueJS, and Mariadb. I set up the server and the rolling backup system.
  • Human Resource Information System
    I dockerized a HR Application that we used to manage human resource. This app was built on top of Laravel, VueJS, and Mariadb. Also we use a mail server specilalised for internal used notification email.
  • Docker for Low Cost Web Hosting
    I manage, and maintain LAMP stack + Nginx proxy + LE companion, based on docker to serve some website built with laravel. For now, it serve 50 clients website.
  • Docker Mail Server
    I set up, manage, and maintain Email server for internal development use case.
  • Solene-r
    I set up, manage, and maintain a server for solene-r project. This is client private project so I can not tell much more.
  • Road Side Server
    I set up, manage, and maintain E-toll server for some Jakarta's e-toll gate and some Bali's e-toll gate. This server use Centos as OS and composed of apache tomcat and couchdb. I ensure data replication as fast as possible.
  • Nisekolive
    I set up, manage, and maintain server for php based app (CodeIgniter), hosted in AWS Elastic Compute. Apache Httpd as web server and Mariadb as database server. This app is administration app for hotel booking, food booking, resort booking in Niseko, Japan.
  • Dr. Oen Solo Baru
    I set up, manage, and maintain server for java based app. Composed of Apache Tomcat as java servlet server, mongodb as database server, and nginx as reverse-proxy and static assets server. Hosted in AWS Elastic Compute. This server serve web based app and android app for Dr Oen Solo Baru's patient and management.
  • Instaprint
    I set up, manage, and maintain server for java based app with mongodb as database. This is a server for web app for printing management.
  • Game4Indo
    I manage, and maintain centos server with WHM/CPanel to host game4indo website and email server. Game4indo is web platform for game voucher transaction.
  • Ifars
    I manage, and maintain centos server with CPanel to host ifars website and email server. I ensure their mail service work in good performance.
  • PaymentGateway
    I manage, and maintain server with amazon linux installed. This server purpose to serve visione's internal payment gateway.

Get to know me:

I'm server guy who manage linux for app server, web server, email server, docker, kubernetes. Securing, Auditing, Backuping

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Drop me a message if you need any help from me.